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Simply Warcraft!
Simply Warcraft is a great community. We are working on moving into the class guides and podcasts in the near future. This move was based off of everyone's passion here at the studio. Simply Warcraft is planning to transition to class guides fully by 2nd quater of the year. We will have players well versed in the spec / class review the guide to double check content. 
We will also will be making a Public Discord for class discussions and guild recruitment for certain classes. We will be working on a RP guideline section for people who play on RP servers to learn how to RP and move forward in that community. We expect to have our site fully online and operational by 2nd quater of the year. We will have a section for error reports if you run into any issue with the website itself.  To contact a admin for site / discord community the best way is to contact the respective admin on the discord. 
We expect discord set up and fully operation by first quater of the year. …

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