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Spider’s Silk Farming Guide

Spider's SilkUpdated: 21st January 2014. 
So you want to find the best places to farm spider's silk in the world of warcraft do you. Well I have have been busy finding the best locations and spiders to farm said such resources. Including accurate videos and stats.

Farming Spider's Silk Guides for Mists of Pandaria

Farming Spider's Silk in: Darkshire Duskwood

My first port of call was Duskwood located in Darkshire. There are three types of low level spiders in this area all of which drop "Spiders Silk" I have put together several videos for each type of spider.
These spiders include:
  • Venom Web Spider
  • Black Widow Hatchling
  • Black Widow
I am currently re-working the content on this page so that it has the most useful and relevant information for you. Drop rates will be available shortly

Above: Farming Spider's Silk - Black Widow Hatchling - Darkshire Duskwood

Above: Farming Spiders Silk - Venom Web Spider - Darkshire Duskwood

Above: Farming Spider Silk - Black Widow - Darkshire Duskwood

Darkshire Spider Silk Locations

Above: Map location of spiders in Duskwood Darkshire

Farming Spider's Silk in: Thelgen Rock - Wetlands

My second area is the Wetlands, specifically Thelgen Rock. Here you will find three types of spider, the Cave Stalker and the Leech Stalker. In addition there is a rare that hides inside the cave near the pool of water at the end. There are two major spiders here, and one rare all of which will drop spider's silk. The best practice is to clear the outside of the cave first, then the inside top and bottom. On the way back more cave stalkers will spawn so you can collect more spider's silk as you leave, and once outside the Leech Stalkers should have re-spawned so you can loot them too.

These spiders include:
  • Cave Stalker
  • Leech Stalker
  • Leech Widow (Rare)

Above: Farming Spider's Silk in the Wetlands - Thelgen Rock

I am currently re-working the content on this page so that it has the most useful and relevant information for you. Drop rates will be available shortly

Please note that this page is currently being updated, more content will be available shortly including other areas, and drop rates. If you have at all found this useful be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and follow SimplyWarcraft!


  1. Please note that most of the spiders in Hillsbrad Foothills are friendly to Horde. Thanks Blizz!

  2. Thanks for the info about the Leech Stalkers in the Wetlands. I managed to collect 6 in 3 rounds of killing the mass onut side of the Cave :D
    For the Alliance!

  3. I wish you had a map for hillsbrad showing where the different kinds of spiders there are. Unless you area hunter with tracking its hard to find them. I cant find domesticated creepers did find battle creepers though.

  4. The domesticated creepers are near and inside the mine.

  5. Hi thanks for the info. It is indeed a good spot for spider's silk.
    The Leech Stalkers dropped more for me. This place is South of Greenwarden's, off the main road about 150 yards to the right. If you see Leech Stalkers, you're close by.

    Also wanted to point out that it's spelled Thelgen, with an 'e'.

  6. Thought I'd add my experience. I hunted Thelgen Rock and found 5 spider's silk after killing maybe 60 spiders (sorry, forgot to count). Then I tried killing Venom Web spiders in Brightwood Grove, outside of Darkshire. Drop rate here was about the same. There seem to be lots of spiders - I never had to travel far to find more - and the area is large enough that the critters repopulate faster than I can kill them. They can be found on both sides of the road leading south from Darkshire, with most of them on the east and as far south as the river. If you follow the river east and find yourself killing Black Widows, you're wasting your time. I killed around 30 of them and didn't get a single spider's silk. The terrain in Brightwood grove is hilly, with lots of trees, so it can be difficult to spot spiders from a distance. The Worgen and wolves don't help, but at my level (38) they pretty much left me alone unless I got really close. Just fyi...

  7. TL:DR; Wetlands @ 52,62 = spiders at 'Thelgen Rock'

    Zone: Wetlands
    Location: Thelgen Rock (The guide misspells it 'Thelgin"')
    Coordinates: Cave at 52, 62
    Closest Flight Master: Slabchisel's Survey (Alliance)

  8. thats really useful!
    thank you so much for making this guide

  9. thank you! great guide

  10. I have tried many places in Darkshore and wetlands... nothing dropped silk wise in Darkshire after killing 75 spiders.. and after around 60 kills I got 2 spider silks. There has got to be better farming area.