Thursday, 3 February 2011

How to re-sync your Authenticator

I have had problems logging into my World of Warcraft account. Every time I logged in it would say "Login Failed", when I tried to login to either or World of Warcraft game.I know that the password and authenticator was correct and so I submitted the account for investigation by the Blizzard team. They got back in touch with me informing that there was not account compromise which was good news.

Additional to this they suggested that what I was experiencing was my Authenticator was out of Sync with my account and so I had to reSync it.
This solved my problem and I was then able to login to my World of Warcraft game and account.

So for reference for anyone else who requires to re-sync their authenticator please follow this guide provided by Blizzard.
"Thank you for contacting us. This issue normally occurs when a Authenticator has become out of sync with the server. You may be able to resolve this by pressing the Sync option on the authenticator software. 
However, if your phone has been recently updated (e.g. Iphone software update), this will have no effect (please ensure to detatch the authenticator before updating any phone software). In this case please proceed with the below . 
If you still cannot access the account after the re-sync, we will need to remove the Authenticator from your account. 
In order to remove the token, please provide the following information for account verification:
- Your Secret Question and answer 
We also require one of the following:
- The serial number of the authenticator
- A legible scan or photo of a piece of government-issued photo identification, such as a passport or driving license matching the first and last name of the registered account owner
Please remember to include the ID as an attachment and not as an image pasted into the main body of the email. 
Please remember to also include your account details, especially your account name and email address used for correspondence with us. 
As soon as we have received matching information, we should be able to process your request further. 
Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again.
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment Europe"

Where to get an Authenticator keyring.

If you dont have a device which supports the Authenticator you can purchase an authenticator keyring to help keep your account safe and secure.

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  1. Thanks: hitting the "sync" button on my iPad did the trick!