Monday, 9 July 2012

Farming: Ironweb Spider Silk

Ironweb Spider SilkSo you want to know the best place to farm spiders for Ironweb Spider Silk.
Well then read on.

Silithus Spiders which drop Ironweb Spider silk

There are two spiders in this area which drop Ironweb Spider Silk are the:

  • Sand Skitterer
    • Successful: 4
    • Unsuccessful: 48
    • Total loots: 52 (Drop rate of Ironweb spider silk: 8%)
Sand Skitterer Drops
  • Rock Stalker
    • Successful: 6
    • Unsuccessful: 48
    • Total loots: 54 (Drop rate of Ironweb spider silk: 12%)


  1. Thanks for the drop rates - useful!

  2. cool, thanks for the map!