Monday, April 3, 2017

     Welcome to the Home Page of the Simply Warcraft Podcast! We are dedicated to talking bout Upcoming Patches, content releases, & much more. Right now we are currently setting up for talking bout Patch 7.3. We dont know what the patch holds yet but when we find out we will make the first Youcast. Youcast? is that a thing? Guess it is now. The first Youcast release date is TBD. For now please feel free to follow us on Twitter for daily Updates bout the Youcast. For now i will release the very first Promo for the Simply Warcraft Youcast ever made. The first incarnation of the Youcast was to be named ID-TV however it was later Scrapped and renamed. However its a good Promo and we are still gonna use it.
Simply Warcraft Youcast!

Every episode of the show will be posted here once it starts. All future content will be here and on the Youtube channel. There will be future Give aways but for right now we are just focusing on setting up the office. Any questions our fastest way to respond is to "@" on Twitter. We check it multiple times a day.