Monday, September 18, 2017

Welcome to the Simply Warcraft podcast / Network! We are working on a network to allow more Video's to come onto the website. Soon plan to have the Podcast Episodes air here. We have out official Twitch page at and a youtube at 

       CSG & Simply Warcraft are working together to bring a more streamlined experience when it come to finding the most recent podcast video or guide video that we do. We hope to bring a schedule to the youtube and twitch very soon. Plans for more involvement on going to gaming conventions and meeting Podcast fans will also be in the cards very soon hopefully. 

      We will do announcements on our soon to come Social Media pages and much much more. Also big Announcement we will be also posting PvP for tricks, Tips, & how to counter comp certain comps. This will be brought to you with the combined effort of SW & CSG through our twitch homepage. 

      One final thing we wanted to say before you go off on your day full of adventures of slaying dragons and healing allies. We wanna thank you for stopping by. We hope that you like the start and we plan to bring more Content very soon. We are working on finding our Co-Host for the podcast and hope to have first episode up by the end of November. 

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