Welcome to the Simply Warcraft Podcast Homepage. We did a test show on our 13 Hour Stream last night.Which we got lot of feed back on. We will be making Adjustments and Corrections to make the show more stream / youtube Friendly. Also Simply Warcraft is now Owned and operated by Knappen Gaming. Still same 2 hosts with suprise guest host coming in as available. 

           We here at Knappen Gaming are Committed to bringing you quality entertainment through Simply Warcraft and the Knappen Gaming Youtube. Which is now 1 Youtube, Which allows us to better manage the show and the cast. We fully expect Season 1 of Simply Warcraft to start Airing By November 21st and episodes to be released Weekly. With 10 Episode long seasons. Followed by a 1 Month break before We start the next season of the show. 

         We will also be working in collaboration with several other streamers. This is to bring you the most entertaining show we can. We also stream at the following channels on a schedule.

Battleborn18: https://go.twitch.tv/battleborn18

Knappen: https://go.twitch.tv/knappen666

Checkerboard1: https://go.twitch.tv/checkerboard1

KG Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KnappenGaming/

             We also plan to release some Q&A video's about multiple different topics involved with World of Warcraft and its main aspects of the game. However we are gonna focus and finish up a few other projects before we start the Q&A series. 

            We would like to also take this time to thank you for stopping by this page and reading all bout our future and current content we have planned. We know your time is very valuable and we value you as fans / Future fans. So from all of us here at Knappen Gaming & Simply Warcraft, We wanna thank you. We hope to see you back here very soon to see more of our upcoming content.

                                                              Sincerely, Knappen Gaming