Welcome to the Guild Section of Simply Warcraft. Simply Warcraft is on Thrall-US, Is currently recruiting all classes and levels. We are a very laid back & look to raid at a Heroic level and achieve AOTC for each patch. We supply are guild Discord server for folks to talk on. We also have open recruitment for Officers, Recruiters, Raiders & Casual Players. We like to give people the opportunity to play and be competitive within a heroic raiding Environment.

            Simply Warcraft is a simple guild as it states in the name. We try to keep it simple. We dont deal with drama, Fights ETC. We try to offer a great Community for people to hangout, Play, and raid. It will take participation from all members of the guild to keep this community Strong. All members have a right to invite to the guild. But we do ask for everyone to try and keep it clean. For any parents or kids that have issues with profanity or other comments. Discord free war zone lol.

            We do have a current opening for a capable Raid leader willing to take the reigns to help push Heroic Progression each raid tier and lead a team towards the goal of AOTC each raid Tier. This position within the guild hold a lot of responsibility and isn't to be taken lightly. Anyone considering the position please contact the GM for more information bout the position.

             Anyone who wants to recruit can However the recruiter rank is for recruiters who will recruit for the raid team specifically this is to help ensure we don't overfill 1 specific role. Recruiter will know our specific wants and needs for the raid team & will communicate with the raid leader on a daily basis to check for changes in our recruitment needs. We will also have a list below of classes, specs, & ETC that we are recruiting for our raid team.

            As a raider in Simply Warcraft most of us work jobs and our time on here is very limited so we try our best to be as professional and fun as possbile during raid. There is a time to have fun and a time to be serious. For our raiders dedication commitment please refer to our Raiders Policy Page. Policy is in place to help provide a smooth raiding EXP.

                                                                                                               Sincerely GM

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